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For future reference...

Post  Nicole M. on Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:47 pm

I don't know how many of the IB Music class of 2011 kids will end up using this forum, but before I delete all the threads that are no longer relevant, I thought I'd post some links that could help you out in your ~*~journey through IB Music.~*~ Wink
Now, Mr. Lambert has told me that you will continue to use Dido & Aeneas as your prescribed work, so I've included links to that. Also, I have Kiah Brown's BEAST of a score (it has notes) that I will eventually give to someone. I also have a ton of her flashcards, and my own flashcards, that I will bestow upon someone. - may eventually turn into something helpful, haha. - helpful on Baroque/Purcell
IB Screwed used to be absolutely excellent, but recently it has been overrun with spam and is horrible. Unfortunately, it was the only IB forum I'd found that had anything really informational on IB Music. - Incomplete as you get into the later time bands, but not too bad on general information for each time band. - Basically an outline of eeeeverything.
This used to be somewhat helpful, but I don't know what happened... all the same, in hopes that it will again become useful, here is the link:

& once you get your textbooks, know that some of the absolute BEST things you can study are the charts that go with the "Transitions" sections, that outline important composers, styles, forms, etc. for each time band.

I'm confused on whether or not the syllabus is completely changing for you guys, but once I know, I'll be happy to give a complete breakdown. If it is, it won't be by much; the only thing that would be different is that you would get a wider array of options on the exam, which is a very, very good thing. Wink I'm happy to offer any insight I can on the class, as I'm sure the rest of us are, and hope you end up enjoying the class as much as we all did. Very Happy Best of luck in IB1!
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